Please read the whole thing before sending me a message!


  • Are you open for commissions? : short answer: no.  Long answer: I am currently not taking any personal commissions (constructing a one-off plush design for an individual) I may open those up again someday, but if I do, I won’t be taking personal commissions for licensed characters (read: pokemon) ever again.* BUT…
  • Are you available for freelance projects? I am interested in taking on more professional projects, especially ones involving toy design. If you need something designed or sewn as part of a larger project, especially something involving production, I am very interested in this kind of stuff. please hit me up! I am also interested in getting into small-run production. If you’re interested in getting a run of plush made, somewhere in the ballpark of 20 plush, please also hit me up to talk prices and stuff. It’s something I’ve never done before but would be very interested in trying my hand at!
  • Did you major in toy design? technically no, I have a BFA in illustration from Brigham Young University-Idaho. I was pretty much self-taught in plush making before going to school, but I took the stuff I learned in illustration and applied it to my plush to bring them to the next level. I also tried to incorporate plush making and toy design into as many projects as I could, and with my final senior show I aimed to combine my plush making with 2D illustration.
  • What is your pattern making process? i made a basic tutorial on that, which can be found here
  • I’m just starting out at plush making/want to improve, what do you suggest? Get out of your comfort zone, make a ton of stuff, and check out this book!
  • I saw a video of a vaporeon plush/I saw your tumblr post with pics of the vaporeon you made and- please. no. I do very much appreciate that so so so many people like this thing I made. That is very nice. But it has really gotten out of hand. Probably 90% of the messages I get are from people asking about that plush. Here is a small FAQ inside my FAQ just for vaporeon.


  • Where did it come from? I made it. I created the pattern, cut out all the pieces and sewed them together.
  • Can I buy it? No, it was a commissioned plush, and is already owned by someone else.
  • Will you make me one? No. Giant plush in general are a hassle that i don’t want to mess with anymore, and on top of that I am no longer making pokemon.
  • please? just this once? for my son for Christmas? can’t you find it in your heart to make this thing for me, a random person on the internet you don’t know from Adam? if I am a. no longer taking commissions in general, and b. never making pokemon ever again, why do you think that I will change my mind for someone I do not know at all who couldn’t even take the time to read my FAQ? (I know i’m preaching to the choir here, thank you for being a kind person and reading my FAQ before sending me a message.) just. please be courteous and respect the fact that I am not making pokemon anymore and find a plush artist who is. I promise you there are many many artists out there who will make you pokemon plush, even giant ones! and they’ll probably do a lot better job than me anyways because I’ve been out of the game for a while. (I did have on my old FAQ that I would only make a life-sized vaporeon for $8,000, all paid up front. That offer still stands. If you want one from me THAT MUCH, then I won’t say no to your money.)

* I used to make a lot of pokemon plush. For a while there, it was my main source of income. I am very grateful to the pokemon collectors community who supported me in that way and gave me a base followership that allowed me to change and grow and expand my craft. But I have reached a point in my art that I don’t want to coast off of other people’s creations anymore. It got to the point where I felt like people liked my stuff because of the fact that it was pokemon and they like pokemon, and not necessarily because I made it. It kind of feels like being a cover band. People like cover bands because they like the band that they’re covering. They don’t necessarily like the band for their own musicianship. I want to make art that is appreciated for what I put into it, not just because the subject matter is something they’re a fan of. Unless it’s subject matter that I came up with myself! Because that’s the goal, to make stuff myself that people love. (I’m also totally open to being hired some place to make licensed stuff professionally. Because even in that case, the people hiring me are hiring me for my skills, not just because they like vaporeon. It’s the principle of the thing. I’m sure you get me. you’re good people.)